How to buy cheaper college books

The beginning and middle of the year represent the beginning of new periods in college, and this means extra spending on books that are indispensable for learning.


Textbooks are increasing every year. And there is nothing more annoying than paying the sticker price in textbooks (well, with the exception of the tuition itself) when many other books are available at a discount. The cost of buying textbooks can easily add up to $ 1,000 a year or more, which is pretty heavy even for those who study at public universities. Looking at the list of essential books for the new semester, you can feel the weight this will bring to the budget, but did you know that there are good ways to save on these items?


More and more students are searching for alternatives to buying the necessary books without spending a fortune, and the best way to do this is to opt for used books, either in stores or through former students of the course.


The internet offers great ways to save money with sites that specialize in the exchange and sale of used books or simply cheaper ones. In them, there is still the advantage of using the credit card to finalise the purchase and, depending on the value, instalment.


But we know that many books will end up haunting you for more than a period and between us, it’s great to have a complete library of your area of ​​expertise. There are a growing number of ways to save on books if you buy or rent. Especially for those who know English, the possibilities grow every minute.


So, whether to buy or to use in other ways, let’s show you how you can get even cheaper college books.


Open Source Books

The use of so-called open source books is also on the rise. For students who are assigned open-source textbooks, they can usually download a copy for free, or they can purchase a hard-copy and bound version in the bookstores of the universities where they study. There are also online bookstores and libraries that provide digitized versions of these books.


Free books from Google Books / Amazon Kindle / iTunes

Both stores contain numerous free titles that have already entered the public domain or as a way to attract more customers to their paid services. You can use a computer connected to the internet, smartphone or tablet for this access, using the applications of the respective stores. Some books you can only see a few pages, but is better than nothing.


Renting books

In addition to being much cheaper to rent books (which may even be free for college students), there are already several websites that offer access to a vast library of titles for paying a subscription well into account. On top of that, many libraries that rent books often sell damaged books for exchange at very affordable prices. It is to maintain contact with the libraries of your region and always know where and when to find the titles.


Go to the digital world

E-books are still gaining ground in many countries. However, they can be priced 50% or even cheaper than their physical counterparts. A lot of people still wring their noses at this, but in today’s world, it’s worth exchanging your physical books for a simple online title, which will weigh even less in your backpack.



If you do research on price comparison websites or large bookstores, you may be surprised by the results of the search, which give you choices of new and used books for purchase.


Do not forget to check for coupons and promotions for online bookstores, especially around the day of the students and the beginning of the academic year of the universities.


But be sure, before pushing the buy button, to compare prices and try better deals from physical stores. Nowadays, sellers try everything to sell their products and hit targets, especially closer to the end of the month. The tip is that beginning of the year and months of holidays/holidays are the best times to get cheaper values.


Social media

Some students list their books on social networks and online sales sites. In addition to selling, many of these sites allow you to exchange books between your users, which can be a bonus if you have a book that you no longer use and a book you need a lot.


Selling your books

By selling straight to the freshmen, you can make more money for your books and thus, save good money for the purchase of other books.


Saving on buying the books for your college course is easier than it sounds! With a lot of research, you can find the best cost x benefit for each case. Good shopping!